Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rave Reviews for Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen

We really appreciate all the support that has been flooding in for Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen! Thank you all so much!

Check out some of the awesome recent reviews and features in:, which calls the book "a feast for the mind as well as the palate"
Bookviews by Alan Caruba, who is a charter member of the National Book Critics Circle. The review highlights Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen, saying "There are many new cookbooks every year, I am always watchful for those that do not tread familiar paths", which says, "In the face of increasing dissatisfaction with conventional medical care, the book is a powerful package offering a window into how other cultures stay healthy."
• U.K. publication Healthy Soul, which notes that, thanks to the book, "The health-conscious cook could learn a lot and find a different approach to eating to supplement their wellbeing."
• Another U.K. publication, Health and Fitness Magazine, which selected Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen as Nutrition Book of the Month and notes it "offers a wealth of healing kitchen tips"
Energy Times, TheDailyGreen, and Da Capo Cookbooks home page, all of which feature Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen recipes

If you'd like to hear Warren speaking about the book on the radio, you'll have a number of opportunities coming up soon:
 • In Connecticut, he'll be featured on The Faith Middleton Show, Connecticut Public Radio (WNPR)
 • In Palm Springs, he'll be interviewed by Charlie Dyer for KNEWS, 94.3 FM
 • In the Madison, Wisconsin area, he will be a guest on Stu Levitan's Books and Beats, WXXM radio, which will be airing on Sunday, April 18, around 11:15 AM, Central time [corrected information]
 • In Portland, Oregon, he will be interviewed by David Naimon for Health Watch on KBOO 90.7 FM, live on Monday, April 19, at 11 AM, Pacific time
We'll let you know when podcasts become available.

And thanks, too, to all of you who have become a fan of Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen on Facebook and who took the time to review the book on Amazon!


  1. Just to clarify -- we are TAPING the interview with Warren this Friday, but AIRING it on Sunday, probably at about 11:15 central.
    Stu Levitan
    92.1 FM The Mic
    Madison WI

  2. Thanks for the clarification, Stu!

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