Friday, April 9, 2010

Pears and Apples

I was at an aerobics class a few days ago, and some time in the middle of the workout, the teacher says, "Now it's time for nutrition trivia. What fruits have a flavonoid that is good for lung capacity?" Knowing that in traditional Chinese medicine pears and apples are good for the Lungs, I called out, "Pears." "Yes," she said. "How did you know? The other one is apples."

When I got home, I did an Internet search and indeed some scientists have suggested a link between the pear and apple flavonoids and protection of the lungs (see this Food Navigator article).

We have several recipes for pears and apples in Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen, one of which is posted online at Breathe-Easy Pear. This recipe also includes the herb fritillaria (chuan bei mu), a traditional Chinese herb that is also believed to benefit the Lungs. Enjoy!

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